May all beings be well and happy !

The North Dakota Buddhist Vihara is a Buddhist temple that serves all those interested in learning about the Teachings of the Buddha. We offer teachings for both children and adults. We welcome people from all traditions and cultures to ‘come and see’ and to share in practices such as meditation, discussion on the teachings of the Buddha and ritual and cultural events of the Buddhist community of North Dakota.

Sabba papassa akaranam - Kusalassa Upasampada
Sacitta pariyodapanam - Etam buddhanasasanam

To abstain from all evil, to cultivate wholesome, and to purify one's mind. This is the Buddha's teaching.

Upcoming Event 2014

Buddhist Discussion Group 2014

Day: Every second Saturday of the month
Time:   6:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue:   Fargo / Moorhead area (TBA after registration)
Teachers:   MBV Monastics and/or Dr. Shelton, Dr. Darshi
Coordinator: Yoke Sim

Dates & Topics:

January 11  Pleasure and happiness
February 8    Coping with stress
March 8 Fear and worry
April 5  Uncertainty in life
May 10  Forgive and forget
June 7 Adjust our selves
July 12 or 19  Nature of mind
August 9 Benefit of contenment
September 13 Immortality after death
October 22   *Guest monk will conduct presentation on the four foundation of mindfulness meditation accompanied by one day meditation retreat
November 15   How to reduce your mental agony
December 13  Knowledge and Wisdom

Please note: Topics and dates are subject to change.

All are welcome to participate in these discussions to learn and practice the Buddhist teachings. It will help one to develop inner peace and happiness in one’s life.

Registration is required prior to one week in each discussion sessions.

For more information, please contact ndbuddhist@mnbv.org.

For the pdf format of this event calendar, please click here.


Photos of Past events